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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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never know. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. big news they may have found missing flight 370. i'm greta van susteren, this is "on the record." nearly a month ago, satellites spotting potential plane records it is nowhere near the search area. so why are we just finding out now? a basketball bombshell. >> i am banning mr. sterling for life. >> if you want to broadcast it that you are associating with black people. >> can mr. sterling keep his team? i will give him some free legal advice. plus. >> electability is going to be a big factor in 2016. >> james carville "on the record." then, monkey business for a news reporter. [ laughter ]
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why would this hit close to home for me? first, breaking right now australian company claiming it has found wreckage from a commercial airliner there is a twist it adds to the mystery. the scofer is thousands of miles from the area where searchers have been hunting for flight 370. for the latest grn reporter roger maynard is live. tell me about this new discovery. >> greta, this is a fascinating claim but is it true in the australian company insists they found material consistent with the wreckage of a commercial airliner in the bay of bangor. which is thousands of miles to the northwest of the present search area. now, according to multi-spectral images taken from the air two days after flight mh 370 went missing, significant amounts of titanium, comer, steel allies and jet fuel residue were detected about 100 miles south of
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bangladesh. geo scientists compared these images with march the 5th and march the 10th before and after the plane's disappearance and found a specific area where the data varied between the two dates, suggesting the minerals weren't there earlier solve it's an interesting claim, discovery, we are still not quite sure whether it's actually true. >> any particular plane but it certainly is, certainly is something that they have located there, right? is that fair? any plane? anything that sort of shares these chemicals, aloom yum titanium copper steal allies and jet rest lieu fuel, right? >> you are quite right. geo residence, its normal work is finding minerals on the earth or on the sea bed which might lead the way to some kind of mineral exploration, so they are very good at finding or detecting this sort of material. but whether it's actually related to the plane is another matter all together. certainly the australian authorities here are taking this claim with a big pinch of salt, the joint agency
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called nation center is dismissing the report, pointing out that the location specified by geo residence is not within the search area indicated by satellite and other data. and that they are satisfied the final resting place mh 370 is still in the ocean. >> roger, two things, one is apparently they notified them on march 28th, well within the black box pinging area and at the same time while everyone is sort of dismissing this as being irrelevant, maybe it is, the fact is they have not found it any other place. and at least they could have done the least to try to go out and verify it it unless crackpot company. is this a crackpot company? >> no. i wouldn't say that it's a highly credible company. it's got a long history in this sort of area of detecting this sort of mineral residue. so you can't dismiss their claims. but, i have to say even they are saying it's not definitely the wreckage of mh 370. but they feel that nevertheless this data should be investigated. >> roger, thank you.
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>> thank you very much, greta. >> so, of course, the question is could it really be the wreckage of flight 370? could searchers in the southern indian ocean been that far off? former fbi aviation investigator christopher voss joins us. nice to see you. >> genk, nice to be here. >> no one jumping on this. well within the black box ping time when the battery presumably has died. should they have gone and checked it out? >> you can't ignore anything. they have you had have sent someone out regardless even if they had lots of reasons for not going out there and checking on it. they should have found a way to get out there and confirm whether or not there was anything substantive to the report. >> roger says it's a very credible company and they claim to have found a number of these chemicals that would make up sort of the part of boeing 777. and if they are very credit bled and seem to have found t. it and no other leads, you would think they would have at least checked it out. >> the only other possible reason would be is if they in fact had some sort of
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classified information in not revealing where they knew what plane it was and knew it was a different plane. that's entirely possible. saying it's consistent with a plane and u.s. military went to the southern part of the indian ocean fairly quickly in this search. you know, we don't know what's not being said. >> except they did go to the southern indian ocean pretty quickly but they still haven't found anything. >> that's right. >> it's like if they found it, i would say yeah, that was a good idea. but they haven't found it. >> they haven't found malaysian air flight 370. and i said unless they thought for sure that they had had identified as another airplane. there might have been other airplanes that went down, illegal shipments it could have been a lot of things. you dent no know for sure who is flying through this airspace and what reason. they might know what plane that is. >> do you think some intelligence agency of some country truly does know where this plane is but for classified reasons not wanting to relay their type of technology to expose to to others copying it, that they have kept silent? >> yeah, i think it's extremely unlikely that
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there isn't more specific classified information. it hasn't been revealed just because they have hung on to it because it wouldn't save anybody's life. they had an idea where the plane went down and they know that it went down. >> except that it may not -- of course it's not going to save lives that the plane went down. i think it went down at this point. it took two or three crashes before they realized it was a rudder problem. they had to recreate the accident. maybe this 777 has a design defect and it sure would be nice to find it and investigate it because why all get on 777s. unlikely but at least we ought to look into it. >> i agree. i think that's why they are searching where they are searching. they have good reason believing that's where it went down. just because they haven't been able to find the plane yet, doesn't mean that's not where they believe it went down. >> christopher, thank you. always nice to he sigh. now to significant developments in the benghazi investigation. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herrige joins us. catherine, we got news today. what is it? >> we have some emails that were released as a result of a federal lawsuit. they lead directly into the
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white house. and what you see with one of the emails on september 14th, three days after the attack is that there were, in effect, at least two tracks. there was this p.r. and communications track that said when susan rice goes on the sunday talk shows, she needs to emphasize that the protests in the region, which also lumped in benghazi, which related to a video and not a broader policy failure. and then a second track which is the intelligence, which is completely divorce from this, which showed that there was no protest or has strong indicators there was no protest. >> all right. so the intelligence says no protest, no video. the p.r. strategy as you call it, i would call it deceitful, because it simply didn't reflect what we knew, right? i mean you call it a p.r. strategy. >> i'm going to leave that up to the viewers. a p.r. or communication strategy. but whatever you want to say, it's not nsync with what the intelligence is saying. the intelligence also released in these emails
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shows in realtime that it was an attack there was no reference to a video. there was no reference to demonstrations. >> all right. what's particularly disturbing though, that is on the day before -- that email that was just disclosed today is part of a lawsuit. that was on the day before susan rice made her five appearances. >> two days. >> two days before she appeared. september 18th, president obama on the letterman show in new york. september 25th on "the view." both those, that's a week later, he is still doing the video. and you tell me that the intelligence says no video but as you call it, the p.r. strategy says there is a video. >> well, we know that by september 18th, september 19th, the u.s. personnel on the ground had been interviewed and they just described an attack. they did not describe the protest or anything related to the video. and then off othe surveillance camera footage showed the same thing. so why the president stayed with that video explanation, i think, in part, is explained by these emails that were released today. these emails show the p.r.
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strategy to explain benghazi, and that it came from the inner circle at the white house. >> all right. well you are very kind to call it a p.r. strategy. i call it deceitful because that's not what the intelligence was and they continued to carry that theme. catherine -- >> -- and, remember, four people were dead and the thrust of that email is to protect the president. >> catherine, nice to see you. and joining us are political panel "the weekly standard's" john mccormick the "the washington post" karen at the -- david, what do you make of this the p.r. strategy. no video. >> the question is did it go any higher than the emails released today? this is ben rhodes. >> what's title. >> deputy national security advisor to the president. he is the one that sent the email that said, i will quote it. to underscore these protests are rooted in rooted in the intt video and not a broader failure in policy. pretty high up the chain. did it get up even higher
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that's really the question. >> wouldn't you think at some point it would get high enough to the president going on national tv david letterman on the 18th and "the view" on the 25th. still running the video story. wouldn't you think someone would have headed him off at the pass and said don't go with that one? >> sure. who was the first person that mentioned the video. did anyone in intelligence ever say. >> cia says no. >> and, see, that is sort of -- who is the first one to mention it? is it ben rhodes or someone even higher? >> karen? >> i do think the most damaging phrase in that email is to underscore it is not a failure in policy. you would assume at that moment they would be trying to determine whether it was a failure in policy. so, i think ben rhodes. >> i would actually be less concerned about failure in policy than the fact that the dead bodies weren't even buried at that time of americans. i mean, they are more worried about p.r. strategy and i would think for god's sake find out who did this. >> the reason failure in policy is important is because you want to make sure that you don't have other embassies, other
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places around the world that are similarly exposed. so i think that, you know, ben rhodes is probably going to be facing a lot of questions and potentially on the hill going forward. >> why, if the intelligence committee says or intelligence community cia says no video, and you have got ben rhodes who is saying that it's a p.r. strategy, not a policy failure and you go with the video at the same time, why is the president still like a week later, 10 days later still going with the video? >> he hasn't answered that the white house has said repeatedly that all these edits came from the cia. we know that deputy director mueller said just the oother week from congressional testimony that the cia analysts had never suggested that the video was the cause of the benghazi attacks. so, there is a lot for the administration to answer. again, if you go back to the first emails, 100 pages or so released last year. there is really very little mention at all of the video. first email by rhodes that was held back that really extensively pushes this as the defense for -- it's not
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a policy failure. it's just this video. >> all right, panel. thank you. and trouble for the obama administration tonight. three republican senators demanding to know if the white house was behind the controversial benghazi talking points. senators john mccain, lindsey graham and kelly ayotte demanding the obama administration who briefed former u.n. ambassador susan rice before she appeared on five sunday shows. senator ayotte joins us. nice to see you. >> great to see you, greta. >> the letter was sent last night. >> it was sent also before we got these emails. >> now these emails. tell me now what you you are thinking. >> here is what i am thinking, unfortunately what we suspected from the beginning. you have -- look at the talking points, number one. the talking points that were issued never mentioned a video. the word video is nowhere in those talking points. >> emanated from where, the cia? >> that came from the cia. the ones that were flawed because they omitted the reference to al qaeda so they were flawed in and of themselves but there is no reference to a video and we always said where did the video reference come from? now we know it came from the white house. ben rhodes, the email that
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went to top president obama advisors, david plouffe, jay carney, and wassoused to prep susan rice. >> do you know that they all saw that david plouffe, jay carney they all got this email from ben rhodes? >> it was sent to them. you have to aassume they received it this was obviously a pretty hot topic with four brave americans killed. they are two months out to an election. so this is the dynamic where the president in the election is obviously claiming that he been a good foreign policy president. that he had had al qaeda on the run. the other thing in this set of email here that's very troubling is this reference to make sure you mention that al qaeda has been destroyed. then you saw ambassador rice on every single sunday show saying al qaeda has been disseminated that was nowhere in the talking points and actually is contradicted by what we know happened on that day. >> let me rewind you a bit. go back to september 6th which was the democratic convention in charlotte, north carolina, where the
4:14 pm
president spoke. he said al qaeda, i'm quoting from it. al qaeda is on the path to defeat. >> right. >> that's what it said. goes on talks about it later. that was the theme at the convention. one of many. >> one of many. unfortunately as we know al qaeda affiliates, the evidence is that they were involved in the attacks in benghazi. so the references that were taken out of the talking points that would have led people to to understand right from the beginning this is a terrorist attack, that was incredibly troubling. now we know the video s was really pushed from the white house as opposed to the intel community. let's not forget also the cia stations chief that was actually in libya sent. >> in tripoli though, not benghazi but tripoli. >> at least in libya on the ground much more than the people in washington sent that email to acting director morell that day which said listen, this is not an escalation of protests. that was ignored as well. i guess one question i would
4:15 pm
have was that ignored because it didn't fit the white house talking points? this t. would be good to know answers from that. >> for the life of me, i don't understand why president obama, on september 18th, which is -- after september 11th on the letterman show and on september 25th, which is even later than that on "the view" is still going with that video thing which is that narrative that was coming out of the white house. i don't understand why they didn't -- i didn't correct him or why he didn't correct himself. >> i will never understand that either. i think that they clung to this narrative because it was a narrative leading up to the election that they had been pushing in terms of al qaeda on the run, al qaeda toward defeat. they clung to the video because the actual narrative, let's not forget, the head of the defense department, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said they knew right away it was a terrorist attack, yet he clung to that explanation that defies the evidence. >> of course, i always bring up the fact that we are pushing on it at fox here and we were excluded from the state department briefing call. they said it was an
4:16 pm
accident. we accepted it as an accident we were accidently left off and exclued from the cia briefing two weeks later that was pretty deliberate. i always thought we were being punished for pursuing it. who knows. anyway, senator nice to see you. >> great to see you, greta. >> new problems tonight for president obama, his problems may bleed into other problems for democrats. find out who is running away from president obama. james carville is here to talk about that next. plus the nba slamming clippers owner donald sterling. hear directly from the nba and off-the-record. i will give some free legal advice to mr. sterling. he might want to listen. also we are following breaking news at this hour. millions of americans needing to take cover. they are on the path of violent storms. the latest on this wicked weather is coming up. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity,
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more trouble tonight for president obama. it's not just the republicans this time. now it's the millennials, the young measures who helped send the president to the white house. they are now turning on him 51 percent said they trusted president obama early on in this presidency. now that number plummeting to 32 percent. james carville joins us. nice to he so you, james. >> good to see you. good to see you. >> james, we always expect the numbers to sort of plunge at this time. do you make anything -- how about this plunge though. is this a big plunge? the numbers have plunged gone down since the election. not surprise. secondly he is not running for re-election generally sects seventh eighth year of the president's term are rough going. yeah, i'm not surprised that his numbers have dropped. i'm not surprised that his
4:21 pm
numbers on young people have dropped. dropped across the board. if you look at across the polls, that's what it is. that's the situation -- that's the reality of the situation. >> does that impact -- i would guests, you are the strad gist. voting in the mid terms. how much inthiewsm. if you have less enthusiasm and young person harder to get you you out to the poll come november. >> i think that's a very valid point. i think democrats are appropriately worried that the youth vote is going to drop precipitously from 2012 to 2014. i think that's a valid concern. and i think it's a valid talking point for people who don't witch the democrats well. did you, you know, there is a lot of things that happen between now and election and if you look at their attitudes towards republicans, absolutely horrific among young people. the boast hope that the republican party has that they stay at home. and the best hope that the democrats have is that somehow or another they can reinvigorate him between now and election day. it's going to be difficult
4:22 pm
to do but going to try. >> are millennials big voters? are we paying too much attention to them? they are a significant voting block that they could have an impact on an election? >> much less like 18% or so in 2000 12. don't hold me exact to the number. they dropped precipitously in an off year. the big thing is they keep coming. advertiser would much prefer to have a 25-year-old than a 65-year-old. i think a political party would, too. because there is a lot of evidence and political scientists once someone votes for political party twice it's a behavior they maintain in later life. yeah, but there are more volatile in terms of turnout than older voters. less predictable and a party that -- whose base consists of a lot of young people that happens. however, i would rather be in a political party that was more attractive and had more of a base among young people than elderly people.
4:23 pm
>> registered voters, 53% to 39% they would rather see republicans in control of congress to counter balance president obama. 53% to 39%. tell me about that poll. >> i saw that poll. my day started out about as good as donald's sterling. that was one way to ask a question. the poll was not good. i'm not one of these people that say trash the poll. the poll was not good on a variety of fronts if i saw abc washington poll i would say is it generally a pretty highly respected poll. sometimes they can be a little bit off. i hope this is it. i will wait to find the next one before i get my straight raiser out. it was not a great poll for the democrats at all. >> two thirds saying the country on the wrong track. that's the same poll. >> look. we are in the six year term. we have a high wrong track
4:24 pm
number. i think things are going to get -- the healthcare law are getting better and the economy is starting to pick up. i'm hopeful and slightly optimistic that will help us going into november of this year. but right now, i will be the first to concede we are in somewhat of a difficult position. >> james, thanks and i note the saints helmet behind you over your shoulder. >> the lsu people are telling me i have to put a lsu helmet back there. thank you, greta. i always love being on your show. >> thank you, james. >> you bet. >> this going to knock you out of your chair. if you thought the unemployment news could not get any worse. brace yourselves for this one. first, severe storms and tornadoes threatening a large chunk of the country. tracking the dangerous weather. the latest on the storm's path is next. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more
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this is a fox news alert. right now millions of americans at risk in the path of very dangerous storms that are slamming the
4:29 pm
country. that suspected twister was in north carolina. tornadoes also threatening some of the same areas where they have already killed dozens. rick reichmuth is tracking this violent weather. rick? >> greta, i will tell what you. we have four days of severe weather. we have one more together-to-go tomorrow. tonight our big concern has been this area all the storms yesterday. this a look at last night's storms from just to the west of jackson, stretching up to much of alabama and tennessee. moderate risk of severe weather today. a lot of areas that saw that severe weather yesterday. people cleaning up don't have any kind of cover for their homes and everything are now getting more storms going to through. that's big the big concern. we have three watch boxes in effect now. one for parts of north carolina, the coastal areas. and then two right here across parts of the south. this is all going to diminish by the time we get into the overnight hours. last night we had the overnight hour long track
4:30 pm
tornadoes. we are not looking at that tonight. i think the energy in the atmosphere is not nearly as strong and right now across parts of southern mississippi we only have some severe thunderstorm warnings. we could be seeing a few tornadoes pot pop up here that threat will diminish as we go overnight certainly great news. also parts of the carolinas where one picture of the funnel cloud just was. continue to see some rotation at times and that threat for severe weather. we could be seeing some very strong winds, some hail as far north as parts of michigan throughout the evening hours. tomorrow, all this threat moves off towards the east. again, less of a threat for tornadoes but we could still see a few of those pop up. take a look at all the areas, greta, that have flooding concerns from this same system. we're going to see widespread 3 to 5 inches of rain, some isolated spots probably 8 inches all the way up across parts of upstate, new york, greta, that means significant flash flooding that we will deal with for the next two days. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> of course, stay with fox news channel for the latest on this dangerous weather. now to news that will absolutely stun you.
4:31 pm
are you ready? in 20% of american families, not one member of the family is working. not a single one. that 2013 data just released by the bureau of labor statistics. what does it call us about the so-called recovery? our political panel is back. john mccormick, karen and david from "u.s. news and world report." karen, 20% of american families no one works. >> well, you have to realize though that this would include, for instance, families where both of the primary earners are retired even in 199 a when the economy was cooking along pretty well it was 18.8%. >> out of work because they were -- because the economy had been cooking or because they were out of work. >> in general, i mean, but, again, it would include families where you are retired or, for some other reason. >> if you cut those, only 10% i think that's bad. it has remained the same for about the last two years. and it is down a couple of
4:32 pm
tenths of a percent since 2011. so, i think the bigger problem and it's the problem that you hear, for instance, janet yellen, the new chairman of the fed talking about is the fact that there are some long-term unemployed in this country and a lot of people who are finding jobs are finding jobs that aren't as good as the jobs they lost. >> john? >> i agree exactly with what karen said. if you look at this number, it does include people where both people in a marriage would be retired. so i don't know if we should really be looking at this. there really still are terrible numbers out there in terms of, you know, there is a report this week that said, you know, many people who are getting jobs have been fast food jobs. the good paying jobs we have lost millions of those and many of the ones that are replaced are very low end of the scale they can drive down the unemployment because they finally have a job. taken a job one third the value of their old job. >> the data has shown the average family's take home pay when adjusted for inflation has dropped almost 10% from 2007 to 2012.
4:33 pm
so, people still hurting very badly the long-term unemployment rate as karen said pretty bad right now. >> tomorrow starts the fight over the minimum wage. >> right. the senate is going to bring a minimum wage hike to the floor. democrats know this is not going to pass. they even said they made it -- they skeletalled it for a closer to the midterm elections because they want to make this a midterm election issue and say, you republicans, you voted against the 10 hour minimum wage and get those constituent groups you are talking to james carville about not amped up about voting young people to get to the polls. hey, you know, democrats are for 10 bucks an hour. these republicans won't give me anything. on the other -- on the argument of unemployment, there is -- there are also unemployment statistics that show that it's improving, right in the national unemployment rate is 6.7%. you go into the states. >> yes, if you take into account that they're getting junky jobs than what they had before. >> people dropped out of the workforce. >> then what do you pay junky jobs in are you willing to pay more minimum wage? that's the democrats argument. >> profoundly disappointing
4:34 pm
to anyone who has a good job and all of the sudden finds himself or herself out of work and then goes out and gets a job that pays minimum wage and now is counted unemployment. just trying to struggle to make it go right. >> although i think both parties are kind of missing this anxiety in this election. because, you know, so much of the advertising and the rhetoric, the food fight and, you know, are you going to repeal obamacare or just replace it or what? when, in fact, i think most americans who are very anxious are going to know what are you actually going to do to bring the jobs back? >> i agree with you, i don't think people realize how much pain americans are in. we get caught up in the food fight i don't think -- i think it is so hard on so many american families that i think they forget it i'm going to take the last word on that. panel, thank you. and now it's time to show you what we are watching. puts together the most riveting videos out there tonight. take a look. carjacking suspect caught on
4:35 pm
the side of the camera caught on the side of a cab. suspect tried but failed to get inside the taxy. that didn't stop him. he clung to the car for a an 8-mile drive. the man driving along the cab captured it on camera. the alleged carjacker under arrest. here is something else you don't see every day. a tiny dog doing heavy lifting. 3-pound york with pulling through airport. we hope he got a good tip. be careful working with kids and animals. houston news anchor learning that lesson the hard way from a monkey. [ laughter ] >> talks that. [ laughter ] >> and i could tell you firsthand i know how that anchor woman feels. who could forget this? >> he hit the camera. we met our feisty monkey right next door to joran van der sloot's house. that's what we are seeing tonight. if you want to see more of the videos we just showed you go to
4:36 pm
the latest on donald sterling's punishment. plus, i'm going to go off the record. i'm going to give sterling some free legal advice. that's next. also today marking prince william and kate's ed wedding anniversary. also news today of a royal split. the news rocking both sides of the atlantic coming up. ile an tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning.
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>> you can can do whatever you want. you can sleep with them. you can bring them in. you can do whatever you want. the little i ask you is not to promote it on that and not to bring them to my games. i'm just saying, and you are allowed to [bleep] instagram. you don't have to have yourself with -- walking with black people. >> yikes, that tape is so awful. banned for life. that is the punishment for donald sterling caught on tape in a racist rant. >> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers' organization or the nba.
4:41 pm
>> mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices. he may not be present at any clippers facility and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. i am also finding mr. sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the nba constitution. as for mr. sterling's ownership interest in the clippers i will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team and will do everything in my power to ensure that that happens. >> well, the nba dishing out clippers owner donald sterling's punishment hours before the clippers to play their next playoff game. joining us our panel expert. sports director scott smith. espn's kevin black stone and
4:42 pm
"the washington post" jason reid. jason, first to you. what do you think? >> i think adam did what he had to do. internal pressure from the players outraged. sponsors fleeing. not just that they were fleeing the clippers. the nba is a revenue sharing league. you have 30 teams. they put the money into the pot and they get the money back out documented sterling in this situation was costing thinks fellow owners money. had do do what he had to do. >> i was surprised when i heard banned for life. i thought i would hear suspended indefinitely and off season find a way to get him out of the league. you know what? kudos to the players for finding some way to bring closure to this deal. of course, there is still the process that they have to go through to get him out of the league i'm proud of the players understanding that they have strength in a
4:43 pm
collective body and being able to bring some change to the league. >> what do you think steger is thinking tonight? >> you know what? from what we have heard of that tape and the way he has behaved in recent years, whatever he is thinking, i don't think can i get inside his mind. >> scott? >> what shocked me when he was asked that during the press conference can. had you a conversation with him. had you a chance to talk to him before laying down the discipline. he didn't shy away from anything that he had said previously from the recordings. he didn't back down from that at all. if there is after platform to say i'm sorry. i didn't mean to say that, that's not me. there is your opportunity before the new commissioner. and he didn't do that. i commend the new commissioner. here is a guy that's been on the job several months and laying down discipline on an owner that's been there several decades. and he didn't back down to any pressure that he could have felt as well. so i commend him. >> i wonder how many people trying to hide under the dable tonight who knew that he was like that. because that-o-i don't know about you, but i don't think that sterling just became
4:44 pm
this way over the weekend. or whenever this tape was made. i don't know, this one is so deep seeded i bet a lot of people knew about this and looked the other way. >> there is one thing to know that someone has racist views, there is another thing being able to act against them in a situation where is he an owner in a leesmght the nba has the constitution and has bylaws. you know, the fact that someone holds these types of views that doesn't necessarily mean it's actionable. and when you had a situation that existed in this league where he was fined by the justice department. he settled a similar case. he has said things previously. there have always been whispers. but, again, it's not quite as simple as saying the guy has horrible views we are going to get him out of the league. >> evan can, i think everybody knew about it it everybody looked the other way maybe fans didn't know about it. i didn't know about it it? >> the only thing that disturbed me about today's press conference is that adam silver made a point when he was asked about it to say that this rule was based on what the tape --
4:45 pm
what was the on the tape what he said and wasn't based on the previous lawsuits which made donald sterling the largest discriminator in u.s. housing history. and, to me, that's a critical disconnect that needs to be connected because it proves how pernicious racism can be. when you have someone who has this type of ideology, and applies it in their business patrol car tises. who knows how many scores of families were damaged because of his viewpoint. >> at least this is obvious, right? >> it wreaks of the nba not having to make a move unless they absolutely had to. in this situation the proof was out there. it was in your face. you could not run from it no matter how much sterling i suspect everybody had been running from it? >> you are right. >> the previous commissioner rewarded this man with chris paul in the big trade just a couple years ago. gave him the all star game. >> gentlemen, thank you.
4:46 pm
it's dull. thank you, gentlemen. so off the record. i had some free legal advice. won't cost him a dime. it's for clipper's team owner donald sterling. here it is mr. sterling, give a rest. it's over, jig suspect. get out, pay the fine. sell the clippers as soon as you can. that is the a smart thing to do. that's the advice. now, sterling has already exposed himself for being a racist but now we will find out if on top of that he is a fool because only a fool drowns himself in endless litigation. is he 80 years old. he has gobs of money. he doesn't need another dime. he should just take his medicine. not fight the nba, the clippers, the players, his wife or even stevano. for the rest of us spare us all. one piece of legal advice. keep it simple. put on a statement fast tomorrow that reads: team for sale, i'm sorry and then piewf, he vanishes.
4:47 pm
that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an issue you think i should take off-the-record go to gretawire and tell us about it they are back. the self-proclaimed royal couple accused of living the high life off taxpayer money. see what they're up to now. that is next.
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a self proclaimed royal couple trading yacht and mansion for matching jail cells. earlier this month we told you about andrea and collin chisum. they were two lavish estate. another attempt to get out of jail. lawyer tom joins us. good evening, tom. >> good evening. >> why aren't your clients out of jail in they haven't had their trial yet. they are presumed innocent. why aren't they out of jail? >> well, the bail is set at quite a high amount. $300,000 for each of them. and they are incapable of making those -- making that kind of a payment. >> all right. now i suppose 300,000 because the judge believes that they're flight risk and so the bail is set. when they first heart of the charges did they try to take off or did they try to come home to minneapolis? what's your argument on that? chisms both aware of the investigations going back a
4:52 pm
year in the county and we were under the understanding that we would be informed when county attorney was prepared to issue a complaint in this case i had stayed in rather regular contact with the county attorney's office. several months went by and they had a business opportunity in the bahamas that they left for. the state construed that as an attempt to flee we dispute that we deny that they fled the state to avoid prosecution. >> all right. was there actually an indictment first and then they went after the color clients in the bahamas? >> no. in minute society charges were originated by a complaint signed by the county attorney. and that complaint was signed after the chisms had left for the bahamas. >> all right.
4:53 pm
so, i mean, you couldn't make the argument -- i guess you were on -- the court was not persuaded that your clients would have turned themselves in and come home that they were fleeing? i guess that's the problem, right? i think that was a problem that the court felt that they didn't return quickly enough and that they may have tried to avoid detection in the bahamas. >> all right. well, if they did that, that would be sort of a clincher. that would do it for them on this. all right. tom. thank you, good luck. >> thank you. here is what is being hard out right now. disney tweeting the star wars team is thrilled to announce the cast of star warsz 7. harrison ford, mark hammel and kerry fisher will be back. lots of new stars joining the force. new star wars will hit movie screens in get ready for this december 15. and today marking prince william and kate's wedding
4:54 pm
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4:59 pm
with ammunition draped across his chest. six people wounded before the shooter killed himself. the gunman had explodes but did he not use them. no word on a motive. new information about the connecticut teen accused of murdering his la classmate apparently because she turned him down when he asked her to prom. the 16-year-old suspect is now charged as an adult. according to court records the suspect told police, quote: i did it just arrest me. and now to a new and outrageous case of government waste, this time the usda making 6.2 billion, that's with a b improper payments just last year. accord tght latest inspector general report a chunk of that waste could have been avoided if the usda had met his reduction targets mandated by the payment reduction act. the they failed to comply with that law for a third straight year. that's tonight's speed read. go to and answer this. do you agree with my legal advice to donald sterling that he should just sell the
5:00 pm
l.a. clippers and give it a rest and leave us whatever or not? go to and vote in our poll. good night from washington, d.c. tomorrow night. 7 p.m., go to gretawire. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. >> was justice done in the donald sterling case? or was his punishment today by the nba revenge? we will take a hard look at what's happening. >> i don't think i have to remind you there have been a lot of unflattering portraits of your foreign policy right now. >> there are actually complimentary pieces foreign policy but i'm not sure you ran them. >> once again president obama is trying to imply that fox news is hurting him.


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